Vintage Natural Poppy Jasper Gemstone Necklace - Hoku Gallery

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Poppy Jasper is a beautiful deep colored natural gemstones!  The stone is a deep brown / burnt red, with variants of grays, whites, light browns & blacks..  Poppy Jasper is a stone of courage and energy that will raise your vitality and your vigor.  Poppy Jasper will enliven your body by bringing uplifting energies to areas where the flow of energy is clogged or blocked.  These energies will eliminate any physical impediment, energetic blockage, and old patterns so that your body will be ready to receive more life-giving energies.  Thank you,, for the wonderful explanation of the healing properties of Poppy Jasper. 

Since Poppy Jasper is a very simply Choker.  I wanted to let the warm dark colors of the stone speak for themselves.  I used 6mm Natural Poppy Jasper Beads.  To finish the necklace, I used 2-4mm Swarovski Crystal AB beads, a silver plated clip clasp, and an aluminum jump ring.  

The necklace is made 16" long, in the Choker style.  I did add a 2", sterling silver extension chain, giving you the ability to wear it a little longer.  I finished the chain off with a drop, consisting of a 6mm Poppy Jasper Bead, and a 4mm Swarovski crystal bead. 

This Necklace is an Original Design, and is Hand Crafted by me, in Londonderry, NH. 

Length: 16" + 2" extension chain. 

ID# 470N$26 - 11/18 

I am a member of SRAJD, #3276.