Green and Blue Glass Teardrops, Swarovski Crystals Bracelet

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I just love these Teardrop beads! They feel good against the skin, as well as bring lots of color to your wrist! Between each Glass Teardrop, I added 4mm Emerald Green Swarovski Crystals. I used a simple Sterling Silver Tube Bead, accented by Bali Daisy spacers, and Emerald Green Swarovski Beads, as well as a beautiful, strong Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp to close the bracelet. Even though the clasp is a strong magnetic clasp, I like to add a little safety chain for extra protection. To finish off the bracelet, I added a Sterling Silver round drop with the word ‘Live’ on it.

The final photo is taken in natural light, to show true color, and give a representation of actual size.

The Bracelet is a Hoku Gallery Original design, Crafted by me, in Londonderry, NH.

This Bracelet measures 6 1/4" long on my EZ Bracelet Sizer. This measurement is the inside diameter. To determine the bracelet size you need, measure the wrist and add 1/2" to 3/4". That should be the bracelet size you want to buy. I will make minor adjustments to the size, per your request, free of charge.

ID# 81 - GreBlu TearB - 3-14

I am a member of SRAJD, #3276.