About the Artist

I am a wife, mother to two cat fur babies, step mother to a wonderful young man, mother-in-law to a great daughter-in-law, and a grandmother to three special grandsons! Life is Good!!!

I was born in N.H, and lived here till 1990, when my husband and I moved to Hawaii.  In 1992, I found gemstones, and beading. I fell in love with the medium, instantly.  As I progressed, feeling the need to grow, I taught myself wirewrap!  With this new technique, I also fell in love with glass, and a new way of making my own links, chain, and wrapping beads, to show them off!

After 18 wonderful years in Hawaii, we decided to move back to N.H. in order to spend more time with family and friends! Once here, I closed my Hawaii jewelry business, and opened a new business in N.H. Due to my love of Hawaii, I named it Hoku Gallery!   Hoku means star in the Hawaiian language!

Again, my need to grow, and try something new took over, and I taught myself  Chainmaille! It is a wonderful, ancient medium which uses jump rings to make jewelry! It is very challenging, and soothing to do, once you get the hang of the weave!

My goal is to share my passion for color, beautiful Jewelry, Clothing and other fun things! Thank you for reading this, and getting to know me!