Chainmaille, Aluminum Rings, Multi Anodized Aluminum - Magnetic Clasp

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Chainmaille is such a versatile jewelry technique! The jewelry feels so smooth on your skin! This weave is called Half Persian. This bracelet mixes Shiny Aluminum Rings, and a Blend of Purple, Pink, Black, Gray Anodized Aluminum Rings. The color blend is called “Rock On!” To finish the bracelet, I used a Sterling Silver Magnetic clasp. I love magnetic clasps, because they make the bracelet very easy to put on, and take off. However, I am always worried about the magnet strength, so I always add a safety chain. For this one, I used a Sterling Silver Cable Chain. Next, I added a Sterling Silver headpin and wrapped a 6mm Black Swarovski Tapered Crystal, a 5mm Swarovski Spacer Clear AB Crystal, and a 4mm Swarovski Clear AB Tapered Crystal. Lastly, I added a Domed Charm with the word INSPIRE on it. Every time you wear this bracelet, it will remind you to be inspired!!!!
This Bracelet is handmade by me, in Londonderry, NH.

The Bracelet measures 7.25" long on my EZ Bracelet Sizer. This measurement is the inside diameter. To determine the bracelet size you need to measure the wrist and add 1/2" to 3/4". That should be the bracelet size you want to buy. I will make minor adjustments to the size, per your request, free of charge.

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