Chainmaille Bracelet, Bright Aluminum & Lapis Blue Enameled Copper

  • $41.00

I just love the contrast with the Bright Aluminum and the Lapis Blue Enameled Copper rings. The design is very fun, with repeated round swirls. The design is from Weave Got Maille. I enjoyed creating it, and will be making more of different colors!

This Bracelet measures 7.25" long on my EZ Bracelet Sizer. This measurement is the inside diameter. To determine the bracelet size you need, measure the wrist and add 1/2" to 3/4". That should be the bracelet size you want to buy. I will make minor adjustments to the size, per your request, free of charge.

This Bracelet is Hand Crafted by me, in Londonderry, NH.

ID# 420B - 2/18 -HOKU