Dragon Scale Earrings - Black & Shiny Silver Aluminum, Black Anodized Aluminum Rings

  • $38.00

These Earrings of Black Anodized Aluminum Dragon Scales, and Shinny Aluminum Dragon Scales remind me of a Disco Ball, the standard in any club in the 1970s! If you notice in the pictures, the black & silver seem to swirl about, like a barbers pole! I just love how that happened due to the way the are woven. They are very long, and have so much movement! The Dragon Scales are dropped from Black Anodized Aluminum Rings, all hanging from Handcrafted Sterling Silver Earwires created with 20ga Sterling Silver Round Wire. To add a little more sparkle, (like they need it) I added a 6mm Jet Swarovski Crystal to each earwire. These earrings are perfect to spice up a pair of jeans, or that special little black dress, for a night out on the town. When you move you head, you can hear a little tingling sound, as the scales brush against each other. Personally, I love the sound of movement!!! I might even make a pair for myself, as I am coming up on a big night of live music and dancing!!

The final photo is taken in Natural Light, to show true color, and actual size.

The Earrings are Hand Crafted by me, in Londonderry, NH.

The Shaggy Scales design is courtesy of Blue Buddah Boutique

Earrings are 4 ½" long.

Included with each pair of earrings, I add Rubber Ear Nuts to help keep these beautiful Earrings in your ears!!!!

I am a member of SRAJD, #3276.