Magma Red Swarovski Crystals, Galactic Shape, Wirewrapped Ring, 18ga Sterling Silver Round Wire - Hand Crafted Artisan Jewelry

  • $16.00

I made this ring using 18ga Sterling Silver Round Wire, wrapped around a beautiful Magma Red Swarovski Galactic Crystal. This crystal is wonderfully faceted, allowing it to catch great light! The Red is a bright, beautiful color!

The final photo is taken on my finger, to give you an idea of size. My hands are small, my wedding ring is a size 4, but the picture gives you an idea of how it looks on. The ring sizes out to be a 7.25 on my ring mandrel.

The Ring is Hand Crafted by me, in Londonderry, NH.

Ring sizes out to a 7.25 on the ring mandrel.

ID# 74

I am a member of SRAJD, #3276.