Necklace - Vintage Resin Pikaki Beads from Hawaii

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ID# 524N - 11/19

Necklace - Vintage Resin Pikaki Beads from Hawaii, Poppy Jasper, Crystal AB Crystals - 32 1/2" + 2" - Hand Crafted Artisan Jewelry

I was very lucky to come into some beautiful Vintage (circa 1960s) Resin Pikaki Beads from a wonderful friend in Hawaii!! Originally, beads like this were made of Carved Ox Bone. In later years, they were made out of Resin, like these beads.

This Necklace is long! It can be worn single strand, or you could double wrap it around your neck!! For this necklace I used 13x10mm (1/2"x3/8") Vintage Resin Pikaki Beads from Hawaii. Between each Pikaki Bead, I add 1 - 8mm Natural Poppy Jasper Gemstone Bead, 2 - 3mm Swarovski Crystal AB Tapered Beads, and 2 - 4mm Natural Poppy Jasper Gemstone Beads. To complete the necklace I used a Silver Plate Lobster Clip Clasp, a Sterling Silver Split Jump Ring, and a 2" Silver Plate Extension Cable Chain, with an 8mm Poppy Jasper, & 4mm Swarovski Crystal AB Tapered Beads.

The Necklace is 32 1/2" long + 2"

The Necklace is an Original Design, and Hand Crafted by me, in Londonderry, NH.

ID# 524N - 11/19

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